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Rant 1: Girls and Dorm Showers

Now, I have been living in a dorm for a couple months now and had to adjust to some changes. Changes such as wearing shoes in the shower, low water pressure, finding the balance between boiling hot and ice cold water, and such. There are some things that took a little longer to get used to. Things such as girls leaving hair on the walls, the fact that there are only two good showers out of four, girls blasting loud music in the shower at 9 AM on a Saturday, and having to stand on one leg to properly shave your legs. Some things cannot be tolerated.

Example One: The Used Tampon.

About a week ago, I was strolling along in the shower room with my caddy and towel and what not. My favorite shower was occupied, so I opted for the next best one. Lying there on the ground was a mother fucking used tampon. Seriously ladies? We are GROWN WOMEN, 18+, and we cannot use a trash can? The custodian comes every Monday, Thursday, and Friday, and this happened on a Monday night. That bloody demon stayed on the ground for three days. I’m sorry, but this is not okay.

Example Two: The Vomit Drain.

This happened today to me. It is finals week and so classes are canceled. I found this to be the perfect opportunity to sleep in and shower late. My mistake. My favorite shower was unoccupied and for good reasons. Some drunk bitch puked in the drain. Believe me, I understand that showering hungover is a glorious feeling but not when you’re so wasted that you’re puking. Honestly, anywhere BUT the showers would have been preferred. The RA gets an extra $20 for each vomit spill she has to clean up. And why bitch, whyyyy did you have to choose my favorite shower? Today is Monday. That means someone was white girl wasted on a Sunday night of finals week. IDIOT.

The custodian is a very nice woman and she doesn’t deserve having to clean up after our nastiness. 

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